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  • 高速路上的交通堵塞中考英语作文


    According to Chinese holiday plan, 根据中国的节假日安排,

    on the seventh day of the New Year, 在新年的第七天,

    people need to go to work, 人们需要上班,

    so on the sixth day, 因此在第六天,

    it means a lot of people will go back to the place they work. 这意味着很多人会返回到他们工作的地方。

    As Chinese economy develops so fast, 随着中国经济的快速发展,

    more and more people own private cars, 越来越多的`人拥有私家车,

    they like to drive home. 人们喜欢开车回家。

    What’s more, the highway is free in the certain time, 而且,在一定的时间内,高速路是免费的读后感150字大全,

    which means there will be more people choose to drive their cars. 这意味着会有更多的人选择开车回家。

    The truth is that traffic jams happened,事实上,交通堵塞真的发生了,

    my sister witnessed it, 我的姐姐就目睹了这一切读后感,

    she drove home yesterday,她昨天开车回家读后感150字大全,

    it took her almost a day to reach her working city. 花费了几乎一天的时间才回到她上班的地方。

    How terrible it is, 真是恐怖啊读后感150字大全,

    she said she would never drove home on the holiday. 她说她在节假日再也不开车回家了。

    the 读后感150字大全 海蒂读后感 红与黑读后感
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