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  • 孔融让梨小学英语作文


    His name was Kongrong. He has five eldest brothers and a young brother.

    One day while they were eating pears at home, their brothers let him take it first, but Kongrong chose the smallest one. His father was surprised and asked, “ Why did you take the smallest one?” Kongrong answered, “ Because I am the youngest. The biggest one should be for the eldest one.” His father asked again, “But you have a younger brother. You are older than he.” Kongrong replied, “I am older than he, so I should leave the bigger one to my elder brother.” On hearing these words, his father was satisfied with his answer and smiled happily. What a good boy Kongrong.

    the 读后感五百字 哈利波特读后感英文 故乡读后感
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